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Marco Corcella

Marco Corcella


Marco Corcella is an Italian dj and producer. He was born in Barletta (Puglia) on January 15 of 1999 and his passion for the music has begun since the infancy. Since a few years, Marco has played in various local clubs in Puglia, where he comes from. His main influences in music are house and techno, which is a perfect mix for his production skills. He has several opportunities to sign his own tracks and the young Italian talent is growing fast. His tracks are already supported by bigger names in the scene like: Loco Dice, Wade, Chelina Manuhutu, Irregular Live, Hector Couto, Smokingroove, Escribano, Arado, Yaya, Lexlay, Rowen Clark, Detlef, Benny Càmaro, Jaime Soeiro, Anna Tur, Elio Riso, Franz Costa, Antonio Pica, DJ DEP, Calypse, Sue La Vie, Margherita D’Aguì, DJ Oliver, Jack Carter, Daniele Travali, Silverfox, Nihil Young, Wolf Story and many more… To name some venues he have already played in: Ipanema Club, Jubilee H&L, Fluxus Club, Yashin Club, Promenade, Heartz Festival, Studio 54, Liberation Fest, Guendalina Club, Vicious Radio, Radio UMR, Radio Action 101, Data Transmission and Loca FM. Marco in his young years had already the opportunity to play alongside many amazing artists, such as: Simone Liberali, Caleb Calloway, Francesco Dinoia, Gianni Sabato, Rhoowax, Lonely and more.. his future will be interesting, promised – you have to watch out for Marco, an Italian youngstar with such great vibes and talent!
He have more supports also from: It’s All About The Music Channel, Walking Tech Channel, Ibiza Global Radio, Kiss FM, Music On Channel, Ibiza Radio 1 and Loca FM. His name is still growing rapidly.


Agency: HBM Agency


The artist

Nationality: ITA

Resident in: Barletta